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‘A magnificent resource.’

‘It’s brilliant. Being With Our Feelings must find a place in every school.’

Andrew Cowley, wellbeing speaker and writer, author of ‘The Wellbeing Toolkit’ and ‘The Wellbeing Curriculum’.

‘A wise and important book.’

Adrian Bethune, Author of Wellbeing In The Primary Classroom, Education Policy Co-Lead at The Mindfulness Initiative, Teacher and founder of Teachappy.


Being With Our Feelings teaches children how to be with their feelings, and consequently how to be with themselves and each other, with acceptance, kindness and compassion. 

The Being With Our Feelings approach works by transforming the core, conditioned beliefs that govern the way we behave towards our feelings. By doing this, we are changing the relationships we have with our feelings into ones which are healthier and more functional. Healthy relationships with our feelings are the scaffolding that holds the structure of our emotional, mental and physical wellbeing in place.  If we want real, enduring transformation, this work needs to be a core underpinning to any wellbeing development in schools. 

‘We know learning about feelings is an essential part of wellbeing. We learn to name our feelings and we learn strategies to manage our feelings, whether this is how to calm down our anger or cheer up our sadness. But I believe we are missing a fundamental and critical part of the wellbeing equation, which is to learn how to fully be with our feelings – allowing them to be here, just as they are.’ (Anita Kate Garai, Being With Our Feelings: A Mindful Approach to Wellbeing, Routledge 2022.)

‘A rich and valuable resource for teachers, therapists and parents. Being With Our Feelings empowers children to know how to look after themselves, other people and the world around them. I cannot think of a more important lesson than that.

Adrian Bethune

Author of Wellbeing In The Primary Classroom, Education Policy Co-Lead at The Mindfulness Initiative, Teacher and founder of Teachappy.



Staff Training and CPD

I work with you to implement the Being With Our Feelings programme into your school. It can be as small or as large as you require. Anything from working with individual teachers, classes and year groups to developing it into the culture of the whole school community. This could include INSET days, on-going courses, staff meetings,  class lessons, development meetings with the leadership team, workshops for parents, 1:1 support and mentoring…

Author Visits and Assemblies

Feelings Workshops for classes

Book me for live performances of my rhyming stories with follow up workshops from the Being With Our Feelings programme.

Themes can include: anger, fear & anxious thinking, making difficult choices, self-acceptance, grief and loss.

Pupils will begin to gain a greater understanding and self-awareness, to begin developing healthier relationships with their feelings.

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“Imagine a society where all feelings are welcomed, accepted and even celebrated. Where all our feelings are given the space to be as they are. Where tiredness and pain are acknowledged and honoured. Where there aren’t any feelings labelled as wrong or negative, and where none are seen as better or more acceptable than others. Where no-one needs to hide their sadness, ignore their pain, or dampen down their excitement in order to fit in. A society where we can say ‘yes’ to how we all are, right in this moment. Where we accept and value ourselves and each other, and treat ourselves and each other with genuine care, kindness and compassion. And there’s no better place to start than in our schools.” (extract from Being With Our Feelings, Garai Anita Kate, Routledge, 2022)

There is a great need for this resource.’

Sharon Mee

CEO and Founder of Artpod and Melting Pot - Arts and Wellbeing in Education, Sussex and South East.

Watch my presentation on Being With Our Feelings, at the World Education Summit 2022.

’An astounding empathetic guide to children’s emotional health and wellbeing. Being With Our Feelings will make a huge difference in supporting the emotional health of our children.’

Andrew Cowley

Wellbeing speaker and author of The Wellbeing Toolkit and The Wellbeing Curriculum.


 Being With Our Feelings: A Mindful Approach to Wellbeing for Children, by Anita Kate Garai  provides the tools for children to mindfully embody and be with all their feelings. This unique set, consisting of a comprehensive, practical toolkit, accompanied by four beautifully illustrated rhyming storybooks, is designed to develop children’s mental, physical and emotional wellbeing, in a way that it can grow strong, flourish and endure for a lifetime.

Full of practical ideas, the toolkit provides a supportive and uncomplicated framework centred around seven key principles to develop learning and understanding (with suggestions for use across Years 3-6) as well as the flexibility to suit the needs of any school, group or individual. 

Each of the seven keys is unpacked through a main teaching activity with clear teaching points, followed by options for mindful reflections, creative explorations and activities linked to one of the storybooks. Providing opportunities for assessing and reviewing understanding and progression throughout, this toolkit follows a TEARS structure – teaching and exploring, applying, reviewing and self-evaluating.

Sensitively written, with a refreshing burst of honesty, humour and a strong youth voice, and beautifully illustrated by New Zealand artist Pip Williams, the four storybooks: I Don’t Want To Be Me – Amelie’s Walk, I Just Can’t Decide!, The Red String and What If All The Trees Blow Away? are uniquely designed to support the Being With Our Feelings approach by simultaneously focussing on the felt sense of feelings in the body. Each book explores a key theme: accepting yourself, making independent choices, being with strong feelings such as anger and feeling anxiety and fear.

With no need for prior training and suitable for primary teachers, educational therapists, social workers and all caring adults, Being With Our Feelings: A Mindful Approach to Wellbeing for Children, is a vital resource for adults and children to read, talk, listen, reflect, and create together to make a positive impact on their entire wellbeing. Appropriate for groups, whole classes, one-to-one settings, assemblies, staff training and interactions with parents and the wider community, the Being With Our Feelings toolkit is a must-have resource for ensuring a mindful, embodied approach to wellbeing.

‘An essential tool in any teacher’s tool box. This book has the potential to make an enormous difference to the future of our education, our teachers and our children.’

Diane McHarg

Former Headteacher, Senior Advisor to Brent Education Authority (London) and Educational Consultant to headteachers.

The Red String

Exploring anger and other strong emotions as they move through the body.

I Just Can't Decide!

Exploring the challenge of making choices

The Teaching Toolkit

A host of activities in a simple, easy to use framework centred around seven key principles.

‘An extremely comprehensive resource. Fabulous for any school. Never more needed than now!

Gaynor Price

Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) Advisory Teacher, City of Birmingham School.