Support for Parents & Children

Anxiety, lack of confidence, challenging behaviour….these are all issues that crop up when we are parents.

Sometimes we see it in our children, sometimes we can feel it in ourselves. Sometimes it’s both.

I offer 1:1 sessions for you and/or your child/ teenager. You may want me to work with your child. You may want some support for yourself.

It’s all possible!

Hourly sessions cost £70 and I usually recommend a minimum of 6 sessions. However, I will always work flexibly to take into account your requirements, whether it’s emotional, practical or financial.

I offer FREE and friendly 20 minute phone consultations where we can work all this out together.


Living with anxiety is painful and often overpowering. It can have a major impact on the way we live our life. Together, we will explore your anxiety, come to understand it and learn how to free yourself from it.


All behaviour has a reason behind it. Together, we will explore what is behind the behaviour, develop your understanding of it and learn strategies to start transforming it.


A low confidence will have a major impact on your mental wellbeing, relationships and the way you live your life. Together, we will come to understand the reasons behind your lack of confidence and learn how to build it up.

FREE courses for parents living in East Sussex!

I regularly run free courses for the East Sussex Family Learning Service and Family Hubs. These have included Managing Anxiety, Building Confidence, Coping with Challenging Behaviour and Supporting Learning, to name a few. If you live in East Sussex and would like more information, please contact

The books.

The Red String

Exploring anger and other strong emotions as they move through the body.

What If All The Trees Blow Away?

Exploring fear, anxiety and uncertainty

The Toolkit

A host of activities in a simple, easy to use framework centred around seven key principles. Written with schools in mind, but adaptable for anyone living or working with children.

‘This resource gives me hope.’

Emma Whewell

Foundation Stage lead, Shepherds Down Special School. Special & Teen Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher.

I Just Can't Decide!

Exploring the challenge of making choices

I Don't Want To Be Me

Exploring self worth and self acceptance.